About Tia Epps

Human resources generalist Tia Epps possesses nearly a decade of experience in benefits administration, employee relations, and recruiting in the financial services and other industries. Since 2007, she has served as a Human Resource Specialist and Recruiter in Atlanta with The CBE Group, Inc. (CBE), an organization that manages accounts receivables and performs debt collections for education, health care, and financial services clients. In her dual roles at CBE, Tia Epps engages stakeholders, clients, and the community with information about the firm’s core values. By educating the public about CBE’s integrity, leadership, and innovation, she attracts potential recruits.

In her capacity as a Recruiter for CBE, Tia Epps performs candidate background investigations and interviews. Within three months of having joined CBE, she recruited 40 and hired more than 300 new employees. Moreover, she facilitated the reduction of employee turnover by 15 percent in her first year.

In partial fulfillment of her duties as a Human Resource Specialist, Tia Epps promoted a new system designed primarily for new eligibles during benefit enrollment. The innovative, efficient change reduced errors by 75 percent and increased branch office productivity and inter-office communications. While attending to her other responsibilities, Tia Epps also displayed professional flexibility by accepting nearly three-quarters of an administrative assistant’s workload necessitated by the latter’s unexpected departure.

Before her tenure at CBE, Ms. Epps served as a Human Resources Specialist and Human Resources Assistant, each for a year, at White Directory Publishers in Buffalo, New York. Her responsibilities at the Hearst Media Services firm included facilitating insurance vendor and new hire interviews and educating employees about 401(k) plans.


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